Talented folk dancer, dance group leader, and dedicated student

June 27, 2000 – September 26, 2020

KATRINA MARIE D. LOPEZ (also known as Kat, 2000-2020) was a gifted dancer, singer, leader, and excellent student. Lopez is a loving and religious child. At a young age, she joined the Sta. Cruz Charismatic Youth where she served the Lord through her gifts in singing and dancing. She honed her dancing skills by joining the KALIPI Dance Troupe at the Ramona S. Trillana High School where she eventually led the group for two years.

Lopez was a member of various dance troupes, culminating in her being part of Sining Bulakenyo Pangkat Mananayaw ng Bulacan (SIBUL) and represented the country abroad.

Dance continued to drive her forward; her passion led her to the Sandayog Dance Troupe (SDT) at the La Consolacion University Philippines (LCUP) during her senior high school. “She is a diligent and cheerful student,” said Alvin Paulino, the troupe’s director.

Lopez and her dance group received 3rd place for Katutubong Sayaw at the 2016 Kompetisyong Bayan ng Singkaban: Rewaynd. Despite the rigors of training, she had excellent grades and performed well at various events at LCUP and competitions outside the campus. Lopez continued to bring honors and awards to her family.

While enrolled at the Bulacan State University (BulSU), she joined BulSU Entablado which allowed her to enthrall a wider audience. Their troupe regularly performed in different places in Bulacan and other provinces. BulSU Entablado member Maui Tacto recalls Lopez a “focused person, determined to excel.”

When Lopez joined SIBUL in 2018, the talent she honed for many years were further refined. Despite her young age, the group trusted her to play major parts; she shone like gold as their group performed in many places all over the country.

SIBUL together with Lopez, represented the Philippines at the Korat International Arts and Cultural Festival held in Thailand. The festival’s Thai liaison officer Purawid saw in Lopez much promise both as a dancer and a future psychologist. “I was impressed by her innate gracefulness and warm personality, we planned to visit each other’s country but it will now be just a dream,” he said.

Born on 27 June 2000 in Hagonoy, Bulacan to Renato and Celestina Lopez, she studied BS Psychology at the BulSU which was cut short by her untimely demise.

A few months before her death, as though to sum up her brief life, Lopez posted a quote from St. Catherine of Siena “Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

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